AposTherapy® is an innovative non-surgical and drug-free treatment for knee pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. The AposTherapy® treatment was developed by orthopaedic doctors and is based around a unique individually-adjusted device that is worn on the foot for around an hour a day whilst going about normal daily activities. This makes the AposTherapy® treatment programme an effective and highly convenient option. Over 50,000 patients have already been treated worldwide.

The AposTherapy® treatment programme brings your body into optimal alignment, thus reducing the pressure and strain on painful areas in the joint. As you walk, it stimulates and retrains your muscles, ultimately re-educating your body to adopt a corrected and less painful walking style, even when you are not wearing the device. The personalised treatment re-educates the brain and muscles to work correctly in order to provide better joint stability and re-establish a more symmetrical walking pattern, leading to lasting pain lasting pain relief and improved function.

Watch the videos below to learn more about how AposTherapy® works.

Unique Benefits of AposTherapy

  • Non-surgical and drug-free
  • Highly effective for reduction in pain, improvement in function and quality of life
  • Clinically proven for lasting pain relief
  • Addresses the root cause of your condition
  • Highly convenient and fits easily into your daily routine
  • Personalised to you specific needs
  • On-going care for optimal results

Who is Suitable for Treatment?

  • Patients With:
  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic Knee Pain
  • Torn Meniscus
  • Knee Ligament Damage
  • Patello-femoral Pain (anterior knee pain)
  • Rehabilitation Following Knee Surgery
  • Lower Back Pain


AposTherapy® Treatment Process:



1. Initial Consultation

During the initial assessment your AposTherapy Certified Physiotherapist will conduct an in-depth clinical evaluation of your condition and assess your suitability for the treatment. Then, utilising pain and function questionnaires as well as state-of-the-art computerised walking analysis they can achieve a clearer picture of what is causing your pain. Based on the findings from the assessment the AposTherapy Certified Physiotherapist will then calibrate a foot-worn device specifically to your individual needs, to relieve pressure and re-train the muscular system around the joint.


2. Treatment

The AposTherapy Certified Physiotherapist will develop a personalised treatment programme based on your specific clinical needs. The device is worn for a short period during the day (about an hour a day), whilst carrying out usual daily activities either at home or at work. As you continue your daily life, movement patterns will be re-educated which provide lasting pain relief and improved function.


3. Ongoing Care

AposTherapy® is a dynamic treatment, regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure optimal success throughout your care. Follow up consultations monitor your progress and the AposTherapy Certified Physiotherapist works with you to ensure your treatment objectives are met. As you progress with treatment, further adjustments to the device are made as necessary, to ensure treatment outcomes are optimised and your goals are met.


4. Be Yourself Again

With every step you take, the device aims to relieve the stress on your painful joints. In parallel, your brain and muscles are re-educated to work correctly again, bringing you body into optimal alignment and creating healthier walking patterns, lasting pain relief and improved function.

Book a free consultation

In order to establish if AposTherapy® is the right treatment for you, the initial assessment is completely free of charge. To book a free assessment with one of our AposTherapy Certified Physiotherapists call us now on 023 8065 3707 or email us.

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