Note that reward gift cards expire 90 days after they are displayed, so you don`t have much time to use them. Based on my personal experience, I can definitely say – DO NOT DISCOUNT THE VALUE OF THESE SECRET REWARD CARDS! Being a responsible cardholder only means applying for a credit card if you can stick to it as strictly as possible: if you pay in-store, your payment is usually immediately booked on your account, which can be a good option if you need to pay your bill as quickly as possible. You won`t see your credit updated for 24 to 48 hours, but you will be credited with paying that day. There are three versions of this reward card: Angel, Angel VIP and Angel Forever. The VIP and Forever stages offer advanced benefits, as explained below. In general, holders earn 1 point per $1 which is distributed by Victoria`s Secret. Once 250 points have been collected, a $10 reward will be awarded if you are a member of fishing or VIP Angel Rewards. If you are a member of Forever Angel Rewards, you will receive a $15 reward. Marginal note: While VS has a mobile app, you can`t manage your credit card account through it, which is a kind of bummer compared to other popular store apps. The Victoria`s Secret Angel Card has no annual fee. When applying, you can choose the pink Angel Card design instead of the standard VS Angel design. All the features of the board are the same, the only difference is the design.

The last step is the Angel Forever card. To qualify, the cardholder must earn 500 points on their fishing or fishing VIP credit card within 12 months. Other benefits of an Angel Forever cardholder include $15 in birthday and half-birthday treats and a 20% anniversary discount. VS stipulates that in case of purchase with the reward card, the value of the purchase must be equal to or greater than the value of the angelic reward. The balance after using the Rewards card must be paid by your VS Angel credit card. After I broke my head for something that seems forever, and after looking at my papers, I think I found out. In 2016, when I bought a wedding gift for my sister, the saleswoman made me get a Victoria`s Secret credit card. I even asked if it would affect my creditworthiness, and she said it wasn`t, and I foolishly believed her.

The Victoria`s Secret credit card is very popular and useful for a Branded store card. The majority of cardholders are very satisfied with the rewards program and their savings opportunities. If you use them with other Chase payment cards, you can get more value if you transfer your rewards and redeem them for your travels, either through Chase Ultimate Rewards or through partner airlines and hotels. Definitely something you should think about: learn all about maximizing your Chase rewards! For Angel and Angel VIP card holders, each point is worth 4 cents. This means that you will get a cashback equivalent of 4% if you make money with the 1X rate. an 8% cashback equivalent at the 2X rate; and a cashback equivalent of 12% at the 3X price….