For your peace of mind, here is some feedback of our clients’ experience about our services and it seems they are very happy as 87% of those surveyed scored us 10 out of 10.

Here are some of our clients Testimonials:

I referred myself to therapeutics due to having a knee and ankle issue. I was provided with an appointment with a physio named Zoe. She was instantly welcoming and made me feel at ease. She asked me to walk across the room bare footed and then examined my lower leg on the treatment bed and said I had torn my peroneal ligament she massaged my lower leg and knee and provided me with two exercises and some excellent advice about my ankles being weak. Within 3 days my knee was back to normal and I could walk up and downstairs without any major pain I could not believe it as it had been getting worse and worse over the last 3 to 4 weeks.
I cannot recommend this company enough they are really professional. A few years previous I had an amazing sports massage there as well. They are well worth your time and money.

May 2022

Linda Biles

I have recently seen Kim, who I have seen quite a few times over recent years, usually for my tight calves, hips etc as a result of running lots and stretching not enough.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve near-religiously been following the hip mobility stretches programme you set me a few months ago. It has definitely helped me with my training and the happy result was me running sub 2h40m in Manchester on Sunday… a long-standing aim of mine.

So, thank-you… your help and advice did the trick!

If I say I hope I don’t see you for a while, you know what I mean, but if/when I do, it’ll be you I come back to.

Thanks again

DH - April 2022

Heather Ross has literally changed my brothers life - without her expertise and care he would have spent the rest of his life unable to stand/walk. Due to her professional care she recognised immediately that all was not as it had been diagnosed by two local Hospitals.

On her recommendation we had my brothers leg re-examined to discover that - as she suspected he had a broken hip - not a ligament damaged knee, which he had been told for 4 months by everyone involved in his care at the hospital. Thanks to Heather he had a full hip replacement and is now walking unaided and going upstairs. As he is completely blind his mobility is of the utmost importance. Her expertise has given him his independence and dignity back - for this we will be forever grateful. I cannot speak more highly of her and the respect she has for her patients.

Viv Kickham & Martin Blanchard - April 2019

Just over a year ago my knees over time had gradually become so painful that day to day living had become difficult, I couldn’t sleep and had to shuffle around with a stick.
The future of waiting for a knee replacement seemed inevitable.
A friend then recommended I try Apos Therapy and gave such a glowing personal report of its success that I felt I should give it a try.
I went along for an in-depth consultation and impossible as it sounded the first time I put the boots on I felt the pain was a little easier. So determined that it was going to work for me I came away the proud owner of a pair of Apos Therapy boots.
I wore them as instructed every day and the pain certainly felt as if it was easing.
Over the coming months I had follow up appointments to have boots adjusted and gradually my walking pattern improved.
So, a year later I am walking several miles, climbing steps and just day to day living all pain free.
My boots go everywhere with me, they have been on a cruise and been part of my luggage allowing on a trip to New Zealand.
I know I will have to wear them most days for the rest of my life, but at 72 the quality of life I now have is so worth it.

Elizabeth Brooks - December 2018

I had a stroke 3 years ago and my NHS support finished after 1 year, so i had to look for somewhere else to help with my stroke recovery. Luckily I found Therapeutics, the staff at the clinic are very professional, helpful and always positive and never without a smile which has really helped lift my morale. I would like to thank Ted Le Brocq the neuro physio for helping me improve and very importantly giving me hope for the future. I would recommend any stroke survivors to contact Therapeutics to help with their recovery.

Brian - October 2018

Over many years I have had back problems, Johanna Laryea is one of the most friendly and professional sports massage therapists I have ever met. Not only does she listen and discuss my various problems but throughout the massage she constantly makes sure that I am coping with the sometimes discomfort. I can honestly say without any doubt I always feel and move better after Johanna has worked on my back - a fantastic lady!

Derek - September 2018

Laura Panaech is a fabulous Physiotherapist, who I could not recommend more highly. Laura is extremely thorough and skilled, carefully assessing your injury and using the most appropriate means of treating you. In addition, Laura is a great believer in 'self management' and encourages you to undertake an exercise regime that will help maintain your flexibility and core strength. Through Laura I have discovered Pilates, which has really improved my muscle tone, body posture and stability.

Lisa - September 2018

Why have I not been here before...? I have tried several other places without success and these guys diagnosed and sorted my knee in no time! Definitely the Clinic to go to.

Simon - March 18

I have been very impressed with my visit to Therapeutics from the Reception team whilst booking my appointment, through to the very professional and thorough assessment and treatment of my long standing back problem. I am now very pleased and looking forward to starting my pilates class with the expert team here.

Judy - February 18

I knew there was more to my chronically weak lower back, and troublesome knee, than just needing the repetitious exercises. I researched and discovered the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) or Connect Therapy which lead me to the excellent Laura Panaech. Laura helped me ditch my orthotics, made some subtle corrections to my ribs, helped me retrain my foot position, and lo and behold, after 20 odd years, my lower back feels strong and pain free! Truly amazing. I suggest that anyone wanting to fix a chronic problem should see Laura. Thanks Therapeutics Southampton.

Wendy - January 2018

Friendly staff always helpful. Treatment great!

Charlie - January 18

Kim is the best! Seriously though - it's been a long year and half and I couldn't have done it without you!

Caroline - December 17

Thanks ! Got a good outcome... here's to 2018!

Keri - December 17

I have always had helpful, friendly service from all the team

Glen - November 17

Very happy with the treatment and advice provided by Zoe. Thank you

Matt - July 17

Keep up the good work. 1st time here and will definitely come back if required. Thanks to Rob

Harry - June 17

Keep up the good work. 1st time here and will definitely come back if required. Very impressed with the waiting facilities. Thanks to Rob.

Harry. May 2017

Fab service, would recommend! Thank you

Di. March 2017

I am so pleased to be able to use my knee without pain after my treatment. The diagnosis and exercises have helped enormously. Thank you

Sue. February 2017

Very helpful and informative sessions with Rob. Very nice and welcoming atmosphere from start to finish. Thanks

Peter. January 2017

Very professional service - thank you

Andrew. December 2016

Being new to the country I had some mistreatment's with some other physiotherapists. I was recommended to see Rob Edmondson. After correct assessment and treatment the injury recovered much quicker. I cannot recommend the clinic more highly. Thanks
Malcolm Page - Double Australian Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist

Malcolm. December 2016

I have now had two sports massages from Johanna. What can I say other than she exactly hits the spot. She really knows how to get into all those tight muscles and release them. Johanna has now become a very important part of keeping a creaking body moving!

Justin - November 2016

I can highly recommend Therapeutics. I had an achilles problem which has now gone. Mel Healey the podiatrist fitted the orthotics, then my physio sessions with Kim continued the strengthening of my muscles. It was great that I could see them both in the same place.

Mel Healey & Kim Waters Patient - November 2016

Has been a really good experience. Rob has been great.

Godfrey. October 2016

Excellent treatment and advice given during my sessions that I have attended here.

Petina. October 2016

Rob has been great. Explained the exercises well and clearly. I felt able to ask questions and check back. Very centered treatment.

Susan. October 2016

Kim was very professional, knowledgeable and all round lovely.

Karen. September 2016

Friendly practice with helpful Clinicians. Good experience all round.

Caroline. September 2016

I have had physio elsewhere previously, but never felt as satisfied as I have following treatment here. If I have other problems I will come back.

Ben. August 2016

Rob has been excellent and on previous appointments, Kim was superb. Thank you.

Laura. August 2016

I first went to see Laura in relation to a long term hip problem that was becoming increasingly painful and causing me real difficulty in concentrating at work. Thanks to the excellent treatment, advice and exercises that Laura gave me the pain from my hip has significantly reduced and I am now able to manage the problem, without having had to resort to the more intrusive forms of treatment that were being suggested by the orthopaedic consultant. Laura haws also treated my 17 year old daughter for a shoulder injury. She has previously been treated on the NHS and after seeing Laura for the first time she announced that there was “no comparison” with her previous treatment. More recently Laura treated me for a nerve problem which had caused me to lose all strength in my left hand. Again with her treatment and the exercises that she gave me the problem was quickly resolved.

Truly the service that Laura provides is second to none, nothing is too much trouble; she has prepared letters to my GP and has offered to talk to my occupational health department if necessary. On top of this, I feel that when she is treating me, I am really benefitting from her full focus and attention.

I have also been attending Laura’s Pilates class for the past 18 months. I enjoy the class so much and feel very miffed if I can’t attend for any reason. Laura creates a very inclusive, encouraging and friendly atmosphere in her classes.

Laura's patient. December 2014

I have been coming to Therapeutics for many years having deep tissue massage. Anne is simply the best massage therapist I have experienced. She is kind and thorough and comes across as genuinely wanting to help with the many physical problems I have had.

Lesley Barron. December 2014

A sciatic episode several years ago had left me weak, especially on one side of my body, unable
and hesitant to take up previous activities or exploring anything new. The possibility of operating
had been discussed, something which I was keen to avoid. Then a friend suggested I contact
Hazel at Therapeutics for physio sessions.
That was nearly two years ago, the start of a new beginning for me. Through Hazel's expert advice
and support - she happens to be a genuinely fabulous human being - increased awareness and
exercises, I gradually regained flexibility and ability to move with greater ease.
The weakness in my left side no longer dominates my day. I can walk for hours, cycle and swim
again. My work has improved. A combination of Pilates classes with the occasional physio session
act as a preventative and increases health benefits on many levels. I come away from every class
encouraged and amazed at Hazel's helpful and carefully planned sessions. Her style includes
individual, subtle and sensitive attention with plenty of humour and of course hard work.
Therapeutics provides service from skilled staff I trust. And yes, Jo (manager on reception), you
are super! Many thanks.

Elin Davis - December 2014

I have been with Therapeutics for almost a year, with knee pain. they have been with me since the start of my injury journey. Kim helped me through my operation and has helped me gain the confidence again. Kim was so supportive and has encouraged me to push myself further, she has also taken calls from my surgeon out of hours, showing complete dedication to myself and Therapeutics. I would highly recommend Therapeutics and Kim to anyone, there is a lovely, warm and friendly team, with great expertise.

Jo Ford. December 2014

Having suffered a stroke in December 2013 and spending 3 months in hospital, I was still paralysed on my left side and unable to walk or use my arm or hand. When I returned home I was introduced to Therapeutics and Ted Le Brocq, who was invited to my home to treat me twice weekly over the last 5 months. ted’s enthusiasm and expertise in Neurological Physiotherapy has enabled me to walk again with the aid of a stick and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

His professionalism an all round support has aided my recovery to a level that previously was doubted I could achieve. Thank you Ted.

Keith Williams. November 2014

Therapeutics have never failed to fix the problem when over a fifteen year period various bits of my ageing body have begun to seize and fail to function properly. I believe the treatments and prescribed exercise programmes have been of real help in enabling me to maintain a range of active recreational pursuits into retirement years. Therapeutics go beyond relieving the symptoms of a problem and seek to restore full mobility.
I am currently looking forward to a ski holiday in my 69th year and feel that without the help of Therapeutics professional physiotherapists this would not be the case.

Gordon Cooper. January 2014