We all got into healthcare because fundamentally we believe that wellness and healthy living is key to a good life. One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is to get people back to the lifestyle they want. Here are a few snippets of what people have to say about us:

8 weeks post knee op and 4 NHS physio sessions later I was depressed and struggling to walk. I was introduced to Faith and my attitude completely changed. If ever there is proof needed that Faith can and does make a difference it is in just 5 weeks not only, was I pain free, but I was cycling reps of boxhill with Faith.....(although not at her speed)


An expert in her field...The time Sarah took to listen to my problems was refreshing, I instantly knew she would help me however she could


Faith has been invaluable in helping me maintain top level physical fitness. Whether is a minor niggle or post op recovery Faith has been with me every step of the way offering a sounding board and a voice of reason. I started as a school boy and ended up an Olympian and it was amazing to have Faith with me the day I entered the sport to the day I walked out of the closing ceremony at an Olympic Games.


As the director of Geefit Outdoor Bootcamp fitness in Hampshire I would never recommend anyone else. Its so refreshing to find someone who can not only help my clients but also liaise with me so that the 3 of us (coach, client, physio) can work together to give gold standard care.

Any client that I recommend always comes back with a positive attitude about how Therapeutics helped.

I highly recommend without any hesitation.


I referred myself to therapeutics due to having a knee and ankle issue. I was provided with an appointment with a physio named Zoe. She was instantly welcoming and made me feel at ease. She asked me to walk across the room bare footed and then examined my lower leg on the treatment bed and said I had torn my peroneal ligament she massaged my lower leg and knee and provided me with two exercises and some excellent advice about my ankles being weak. Within 3 days my knee was back to normal and I could walk up and downstairs without any major pain I could not believe it as it had been getting worse and worse over the last 3 to 4 weeks.

I cannot recommend this company enough they are really professional. A few years previous I had an amazing sports massage there as well. They are well worth your time and money.