The paragraph #52 HEIRS and ASSIGNS ARE LIÉS BY LEASE: Rental conditions are mandatory for all heirs, personal representatives, successors and beneficiaries of the transfer of landlords/representatives and tenants. Paragraph #43 CERTIFICATE ESTOPPEL: The tenant agrees to sign a document stating that the lease is in effect. Paragraph #48 TENANT IN INITIAL TERM CANCELLATION: If the tenant voluntarily terminates the lease before the end, he has 60 days notice, is responsible for all the rent until the acquisition of a new tenant and bears all rental costs, including brokerage fees, advertising and construction projects. Paragraph #53 CONTROLLING LAW: The lease is interpreted and interpreted in accordance with Maryland state law. Paragraph #54 TENANT AND LANDLORD MAY MEDIATE DISPUTES: Tenants and landlords/agents agree to settle all disputes under this lease. Paragraph #55 “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE” SHALL APPLY TO THIS LEASE Paragraph #56 JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY: All tenants who sign the lease are, under all terms of this lease, responsible for the entirety (collectively and separately) of the lease agreement. Paragraph #57 COMPLEMENTARY DISPOSITIONS: all the additional negotiating provisions that are mentioned here. REFERENCE ADDENDUMS LISTENT SIGNATURE LINES AND DATES FOR TENANT`S AND LANDLORD`S SECURITY DEPOSIT RECEIPT, SIGNED UPON PAYMENT OF SECURITY DEPOSIT Note: Tenant must start each page where indicated. Paragraph #30 ASSOCIATION PROVISIONS: If the property is part of an HOA or Condo Association, the tenant must comply with all the rules, regulations and restrictions of the association or be held responsible for the violation of leases and fines. Owner to obtain a copy of the documents at the tenant`s address. Paragraph #31 TENANT`S OBLIGATIONS REGARDING USE and Occupancy: (Long – read carefully) The tenant owns to maintain and maintain. The tenant prohibits the use of illegal drugs or activities on the premises. Paragraph #32 TENANT`s Restrictions on Changes TO THE PROPERTY/ALTERATIONS: The tenant must not modify, paint or change with the prior written permission of the lessor.

The property must be returned to the original state when the tenant is evacuated, unless the landlord/agent accepts the rental. Paragraph #33 INCLUSIONS/EXCLUSIONS: checklist of items included. Paragraph #34 UTILITIES AGREEMENT: Check the list of people who pay for which utilities. Paragraph #35 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: (Long – read carefully) Describes what the landlord pays and what the tenant must maintain and pay. Also list the restrictions. Paragraph #36 WATER/MOISTURE/MOLD: describes the tenant`s liability for water, moisture, leaks and mould. (Read carefully) Paragraph #37 TENANT`S RESTRICTIONS CONCERNING PETS: indicates whether pets are accepted or not and, if so, that a separate pet additive must be signed.