g. Full agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the proposed transactions and replaces all previous written and oral agreements as well as all concurrent oral agreements relating to these transactions. E. Relationship of the parties. Distributor is an independent contractor and is not considered a worker, legal representative, trader, general plenipotentiary, joint venture or partner of the company for any purpose. The distributor acknowledges that the entity has not given it the authority to make changes to the terms of sale of the business, to grant guarantees that go beyond the company`s renewed guarantees, limit its commitments or corrective measures that are below the company`s limit, limit its commitments and corrective measures, sign offers, sign commitments (express or tacit) or enter into contracts on behalf of the company in general , or to make a transaction with the customer. , government agencies or third parties. 10.

Subdealer undertakes to pay to the distributor as a guarantee of the satisfactory performance of this contract. The down payment that must be repaid to the subcontractor at the end of this contract with interest of -1 per cent per annum: To the extent that the subcontractor is in default with a benefit, the merchant may retain as much of the amount as he requests for a loss or loss incurred as an appropriate compensation. 14. Subdealer is committed to maintaining at least one automobile for demonstration purposes at all times and to maintaining an appropriate sales facility and an efficient shop for the maintenance of automobiles . The obligations of the recipient party under this section 6 remain in the event of termination or non-renewal of that contract for a period of [number of years] of years. In order to avoid any doubt, the distributor`s client and negotiator lists are considered protected information under this agreement. 16. It is understood that this contract is terminated by restrictions of `[date]. It is also considered that this treaty replaces all previous agreements between the parties.

4. Motor vehicles, chassis and bodywork whose exclusive domain is a distributor are subject to numerous patent letters by manufacturers. Subdealer explicitly recognizes the validity of these patents and undertakes not to violate, authorize or assist them. 5. Each car is sold by the dealer to the subcontractor at a discount of -1 per cent on the manufacturer`s current list price and will only be resold by the subcontractor at the manufacturer`s current full list price, nor can subcontractors escape the spirit of this clause through rebates, allowances, donations or other means. Memorandum of Understanding, in triple declaration – between car companies, dealers, and subcontractors: that, given the pacts and reciprocal agreements, the parties agree to: e. The performance of this distribution agreement by the company and the performance by the company of its obligations and obligations under this agreement do not violate an agreement to which the company is a party or bound by other commitments, and 1. The dealer agrees to sell to the think-tanks F.O.B. Cars under view against connou. , – automobiles described in the manufacturers` catalogue (with the exception of public transport vehicles and commercial vehicles, the manufacturer reserves the right to market them independently), for distribution in the area described below: – and agrees to refer to the subcontractors any requests from interested parties in this area.