For the fast and effective management of any sports injury, an accurate diagnosis is essential and to return any sportsperson to their chosen sport the specific rehabilitation is a key element.

  • Acute injury advice
  • Person specific management of the sports injury and tailored rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention and self-management
  • Liaison with coaches to ensure accurate skills training
  • Appropriate referral on to other health professionals if needed

What facilities do we have?

Our extensive indoor and outdoor facilities including a fitness gym, Pilates studio, astroturf and grass pitches provide an ideal environment for optimum recovery.

Our experts

Kim Waters heads up our Sports Injury Clinic along with Rob Edmondson and Zoe Barrett. The team has a vast range of experience working with recreational through to elite athletes, ensuring a progressive return to sporting activity. The sports unit team work closely with local Orthopaedic specialists for a fast-track system of referral if further investigation or surgery is required.

So for sports injury treatment call us on 02380653707

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