Our Personal Trainers are diverse and offer individualized training programs to meet your specific needs. However we do stress on correct technique and posture throughout training.

What does personal training offer?

We realise that everyone is different and needs a tailored work out depending on their goals – rehabilitation, strength, endurance, flexibility. We offer sports specific programs tailored to improve your ability to play your chosen sport – be it golf, hockey, squash, skiing etc. We also offer specific fitness classes in our studio to improve strength, endurance, balance and co-ordination

Who can have personal training?

We cater to all ages, shapes and sizes and have a very quiet personalised  gym facility. Fitness is related to what we eat as well as what we do. We therefore also offer nutrition advice with relation to weight loss and sporting performance.

New Class in the Studio for 2017

To compliment our already extensive Pilates/Yoga timetable we are pleased to introduce a new class starting in January 2017.

Beginners Body Fitness Workout Class with Will Dodds
This is a basic level bodyweight fitness class involving ‘just you and your body’, no equipment needed in a circuit like format. From basic exercise to harder rotational exercises, this class will target not only your main muscle groups but also your core, and will activate your balance and flexibility. This is a great class if you have just come back from injury, need to strengthen weak areas or want to get a bit more active and healthy.
The class runs on Friday mornings @ 11am. The cost is £8 per class.

For further information or to register for a place call reception on 02380 653707.