Acupuncture is one of many skills used within physiotherapy as an integrated approach to a treatment plan.  At Therapeutics acupuncture is done by some of our highly skilled Physiotherapists who have undertaken additional higher levels of training or by our specialist acupuncturist.

Originally derived from Chinese Traditional Medicine acupuncture is underpinned by the concept of treating specific points along the body in order to stimulate specific channels to add imbalances and pain.

How is acupuncture done?

Acupuncture is administered by chartered physiotherapists trained in acupuncture or a registered acupuncture specialists using sterile disposable needles, inserted into known acupuncture points and left in situ for up to 30 minutes. Acupuncture may be used in conjunction with physiotherapy or as a stand alone treatment as appropriate.

What can Acupuncture help with?

Musculoskeletal disorders
Immune disorders
Gynaecological conditions