With all this clear, you now need to make sure that the SAFE ratings you edit are saved in your company`s capitalization table. And if you haven`t used eqvista yet, give it a try now. You can easily create a SAFE note in Eqvista that would save all the details for you and keep your heading chart up to date. Here`s the step-by-step form as you can do: As flexible security and a documentary without many conditions to negotiate, startups and investors save money on attorney fees and reduce the time it takes to negotiate the terms of the investment. Startups and investors usually have only one point to negotiate: the valuation cap. Since a vault does not have an expiry or maturity date, no time or money should be spent on renewing maturity dates, revising interest rates or other. Simple agreement for future equity for start-ups. It is formulated in a neutral way for corporate investors. The company gives the investor the right to have certain shares of the company`s share capital, subject to the conditions set out below.

While this approach fits with the original concept of SAFE notes, it made less sense in the world where SAFEs have become independent funding cycles. Thus, the old proportional duty has been removed from the new SAFE notes. But there is a new template-side letter that offers investors with a proportional right in series A Preferred Stock financing on the basis of the investor`s as-converted secure ownership, which is now also much more transparent. In 2013, startup accelerator Y Combinator (a Silicon Valley accelerator) set up an instrument known as a simple Future Equity Agreement (SAFE). It was created as a simpler alternative to traditional convertible bonds. It allows startups to simply structure their seed investments without a maturity date or interest rate. After all, you now have an idea of what safe notes are at stake and how they work. You can easily create them with Eqvista and track all the parts of your business in one place. If you need additional help understanding the use of the Eqvista platform or need more details about convertible bonds, read the support articles here. You can also contact us and our representatives will do their best to guide you if necessary. Another innovation of the safe concerns a “proportional” right.

The initial vault required the company to allow safe holders to participate in the funding cycle after the funding cycle into which the vault was transformed (e.g.B. If the vault has been converted into Series A preferred financing, a safe holder – now holding a sub-series of Series A Preferred Shares – would be allowed to acquire a proportionate portion of the Series B Preferred Shares.