How’s your running program going? Do you need a little help to get you across the finish line?

Don’t be scared of reaching out to a physio…..



Let us help in alleviating some of the stress from your running program or addressing any questions you may have about your training program. You can book an appointment with us and consult with a skilled physiotherapist who can enhance your training experience. While you put in the hard work, let us support you along the way.



How we approach you and your marathon dream

  • We understand the key phases in marathon training and will treat you accordingly
  • Listen to the training load you have already done
  • Help with load management and training modification
  • We will integrate other types of training
  • We will supplement your training with some strength or flexibility work that will help with injury and pain
  • We understand the importance of ‘hands on’ treatments
  • We will help guide you right up until the starting gun
  • We will give you advice and tips for once you cross the finish line

Our top tips for Race day

  1. Remember what your goals are and don’t get swept away with the occasion
  2. Minimise extra stress but thinking of ‘what if scenarios’
  3. Take a jumper to wear in the pen that can be collected after
  4. Trust your ‘thirst’ feeling and read up about signs of hydration issues
  5. Understand Carb loading  – research does NOT suggest a mountain of pasta the night before
  6. Plan your recovery
  7. Don’t forget to enjoy the day – remember how far you have come

What to do if you are injured a few weeks before a marathon

  1. Do not panic you have put all the hard work in already
  2. Remember you are not the only one to suffer a setback going into a big event. Sports physio’s deal with this all the time and get people successfully to a start and finish line
  3. Understand the P.O.L.I.C.E guidelines – these are the NEW Price guidelines
  4. Seek professional advice from a Physiotherapist sooner rather than later