We are delighted to introduce Clinical Reformer Pilates to Therapeutics, our team of clinically trained Pilates Instructors, are delighted to be expanding their services to offer Reformer Pilates.

Who is Clinical Reformer Pilates for?

Reformer Pilates is good for the following client:

  • If you wish to challenge and enhance your current Pilates programme in a 1-1 environment
  • If you want to specifically target strength and flexibility
  • If you have difficulty getting on and off the floor to exercise, the Reformer bed is raised and enables you to exercise safely.
  • If you wish for a more 1-1 personalised programme to help with chronic injuries

What is Clinical Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates, much like mat Pilates, focuses on exercises based on quality and control of movement. The exercises focus on areas of weakness and work the deep muscles that play a vital role in reducing pain and preventing injury.

Reformer Pilates is based around the use of – THE REFORMER – the basic frame has a moveable carriage which is loaded by a number of springs that attach the carriage to the frame. The carriage slides within the frame and the springs provide varying resistance, either to assist or resist exercises. There are accessory ropes and pulleys attached to the carriage and frame, these can provide additional help or challenge depending on the exercise and the needs of the individual!

The Reformer provides feedback to the neuromuscular system, enabling the user to focus on the specific areas that need targeting. Using the Reformer, helps you correct technique with a supported posture and with the option to add resistance.

The Reformer is a whole-body workout improving posture, stability, flexibility, stamina and strength, as well as a tool to rehabilitate following injury or help manage long standing conditions such as degenerative arthritis. Our sessions are run by our expert, clinically qualified Pilates Instructors who will be able to provide a bespoke programme just for you.

What does a Reformer session involve?

Your first session will be a full assessment, Unless you are a current physiotherapy client, to discuss any current injuries, past medical history and to find out your specific needs and goals. During that first session you will be introduced to The Reformer equipment, including a health & safety brief, you will learn how the machine works and the different attachments. You will try some of the core exercises and the Instructor will develop your personalised programme.

Your expert Clinical Instructor will put together a programme for you and during each session they will work through your programme, making adjustments to the machine and providing hands on support and feedback and progressing you as required.

All sessions are 55 minutes.


How do I book Reformer Pilates at Therapeutics and what is the cost?

  • Call our friendly & helpful Reception Team. They will co-ordinate with you to provide the most suitable time and book you in your Reformer session. You can either email the clinic or call us on 023 80653707.
  • Each 1-1 session is £60 or you can book a block of 6 for £320 but this needs to be paid up front at the beginning of the block.
  • We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change any bookings. Failure to provide notice will result in the full fee being payable for your session.