Pain Management Therapy

We are launching a new service offering pain management therapy, in conjunction with Helen Champion, our resident hypnotherapist and an OldPain2Go® Independent Practitioner. Whether you are referred to Helen by another member of the Therapeutics team, or you self-refer, Helen will discuss the most appropriate pain management techniques for your individual circumstances. This may include an initial assessment with one of our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist’s but we will find the appropriate health professional to help you.

The OldPain2Go® techniques work with your subconscious mind, aiming to reduce or remove your perception of physical pain or discomfort, when this is no longer serving a useful purpose. The underlying principle of this work is that physical pain is a message, issuing a call to action. In theory, once you have taken the necessary action, the pain stops. For example: you touch something hot, feel pain, pull your hand away, and the pain stops because the danger has passed. However, sometimes the pain message remains ‘live’ when it is no longer relevant – for example, long after an injury has healed – and that is when this method can help.

In some cases, medical professionals are unable to find a physiological explanation for the pain you are experiencing, or are unable to offer any treatment beyond pain medication. When you feel that you just have to “live with it”, it can lead to a sense of despair and hopelessness. In these cases, we can work with you to reduce or remove your perception of the pain. You don’t have to believe that it will work; all we ask is that you want it to work, and that you’re prepared to give it a go and see what happens.

Just as we can experience physiological symptoms due to stress, it may be that some or all of your physical pain has an emotional cause. In these cases, there is often no diagnosis from the medical side, because there is no physical reason found for the pain. The pain may be located in a particular area or it may be experienced ‘everywhere’. Helen can work with you to remove or reduce this type of pain as well, by acknowledging and processing the underlying emotional pain.

These techniques can also be helpful in managing chronic pain, even when you have a diagnosis or a known cause. For many ongoing conditions (e.g. arthritis, cancer, or a permanent injury), she can work with you and aim to “dial down” your perception of pain to a manageable level, because there is no purpose to the existing/ongoing pain, only to new pain. This can be beneficial in allowing you to become more aware of any new pain or deterioration in future, which might otherwise be masked by the ‘background’ pain which is always present. It is also possible that some of the pain in these cases (such as a flare-up) is related to emotional pain, as described above.

If your pain is related to fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue syndrome or any similar condition, then please read the information at before contacting Helen.

For more information on OldPain2Go®, please see and or browse other information available on that web site.

Usually, the pain management therapy itself will only require a single session. However, you may benefit from further appointments, either before or after the pain session, in order to work through any underlying or related issues. Helen will discuss this with you at your first appointment with her.

Please note that pain management therapy is not a medical intervention, and does not cure or heal any illness or injury. It is simply a way of asking your own internal systems to review the need for your perception of pain, and to change whatever is safe and effective. Prior diagnosis and assessment by a medical professional is required, and this service is in no way a substitute for medical treatment, nor does it prevent future pain, or numb any part of your body. You must always seek the advice of your medical professional before making any changes to your treatment (including prescribed medication).

The team works with clients aged 11 and over. If you are interested in pain management therapy for a child under the age of 11, please feel free to contact Helen, Rob or Kim  to discuss whether they can refer you on to another practitioner.

Here’s some more background on pain management: