Us clinicians are not always the best at following our own advice!!!! but here is what Faith’s meniscus repair rehab has looked like so far…


🧊- Ice ….lots of it to help with the swelling
📈- Elevation with 🧊 as much as possible
🧦- Adherence to compression stockings as activity levels have plummeted
🍲- Good quality protein
💧- Staying hydrated
🩼 – Use of crutches day 1-4

Faith is still unable to drive or walk down the stairs normally but she needed to get out of the house and begin the next phase of rehab

This was her first exercise session since the procedure.

Faith’s 30min circuit consisted of;
🚶 Mobility work on both sides
🧘‍♀️ Balance work
💪🏼Upper body weights