Stroke Survivors Southampton / Different Strokes Southampton Charity Sponsored Walk with Therapeutics Southampton Ltd

On Saturday 4th August, Stroke Survivors Southampton / Different Strokes Southampton (a local charity) and Therapeutics Southampton (a physiotherapy centre) hosted a sponsored charity walk. The event was in aid of the local charity.
Stroke Survivors Southampton is a group of ‘younger’ stroke survivors and carers, based in and around the Southampton area. The group was formed in late 2010, and is run by two individuals who are stroke survivors themselves.
The main aim of the group is to provide better support services for stroke survivors and carers, in and around the Southampton area.

The walk was attended by many people of varying abilities. Some suffering from illnesses, but all working together to achieve the common goal, which was to raise as much money for the charity as possible. Some walkers came from as far as the Isle of Wight to attend the walk and help raise money for the charity.
Besides the actual sponsored walk, there was also a cake sale. In fact so many cakes were produced that additional tables had to be provided to display all the cakes! These proved to be very popular with the groups of people attending…(nothing like boosting your sugar levels after a bit of exercise…just don’t mention it to the rehab guys…)

The event has proved to be extremely successful in many ways. It has raised awareness of stroke in the local community, established links with stroke survivors and of course has raised funding for the group to continue to function for the foreseeable future. In total more than £1100 has been raised! An amount that has completely exceeded any expectations.

Information about the charity
Stroke Survivors Southampton (SSS) hosts regular meetings every two weeks on a Thursday at Sembal House, Southampton. For complete details please contact the group leaders via email or telephone.
The aim of the meeting is for the group leaders to provide an update on the various activities of the group and for members to discuss any issues they may have.
Issues tend to be around rehabilitation, support services, help required, outings, and any other problems. There are no real limitations to what can be discussed at the meetings.
The other services we aim to provide are:
 Seated exercise
 Physiotherapy
 Outings
 Hydro physiotherapy
 Advice on household aids

Contact Details:
Ranj Parmar
T: 07860 574863
Andi Clay
T: 07817 874440