Delta Dental offers individual dental plans. To see which plans are available in your state, use our Delta Dental Locator or refer your patients to this tool. When you join our network, you will have access to the largest dental insurance clientele in the country. Your practice is listed in our national dental directory and patients are encouraged to see a networked dentist, as this usually means lower fees. And research shows that people who have dental insurance visit their dentist twice as often as people who don`t. DeltaCare® USA is the Delta Dentals National Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO). Registered patients must choose from DeltaCare® network of dentists for basic care. These dentists manage the complete dental needs of their patients, including referrals to specialists, and each dentist receives a monthly capitation amount. You can access your patient`s benefits and well-being by registering on to your dentist dashboard. You need the patient`s member id, name, and date of birth.

In general, one of the dental plans is considered a primary plan for your patient. He pays first, and all additional plans pay the portion of the tax that remains and is refundable. Your patient`s plan contains a coordination of service delivery that explains this process. Under no circumstances will the plans pay more than 100% of the cost of treatment. In many cases, you can sign up for and you will automatically be registered on your Delta Dental member company`s website without having to register a second time. Please note that processing requests must be submitted to the relevant Delta Dental member company. You can determine the authorization of all Delta Dental members by registering on to your dentist dashboard. How do I sign up for an account on Claims are sent to delta Dental, which offers your patient`s insurance, not to the local Delta Dental with whom you have signed a participation agreement. You can confirm your patient`s Delta Dental company by registering on in your dentist dashboard. However, some Delta Dental member companies offer more information and additional tools on their websites than we do on, so you can take advantage of visiting their website to access these additional services.

Once you have determined which Delta Dental you wish to send the claim to, you will find their address on our website. Participation is free of charge and all licensed dentists have the right to participate. For more information, please contact Delta Dental`s Professional Relations Department. Please note that changes are not automatic when claims are filed. If you do not notify Delta Dental of practical changes on site, this may result in late payments or errors. If you have forgotten your username or password, you will find links in the login area that will help you recover them. You need to know your business tax ID, dental license ID, and dentist name to get your registration information. Once you have an account, log in to the site and click on the “Claim Status” link. You can also contact the after-sales service of the Delta Dental member company responsible for the complaint. No no. When you join our network, you agree to see participants from all groups and individuals who purchase Delta Dental insurance. Yes, if you are a Delta Dental network dentist.

In order for us to keep accurate records, you must notify the industrial relations department of your local Delta Dental company in writing of changes to your practice. . . .