The E-570 can be used as a universal sub-convention for professional services for the delegation of survey, geotechnical and architectural services. Users also have the option to choose standard EJCDC sub-agreements for each of these specific professional services such as the EJCDC® E-560, the Agreement Between Engineer and Land Surveyor for Professional Services; EJCDC® E-564, agreement between engineers and geotechnicians for professional services; EJCDC® E-568, agreement between engineer and architect for professional services. Reducing conflicts and avoiding litigation – Engineers` Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) develops and updates fair and balanced contractual documents that are the latest and best thought in contractual relationships between all parties involved in construction and construction projects. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with the Contract Documents Store. As an engineering consultant document, E-570 defines the terms of the relationship between the two parties, the engineer`s responsibilities, compensation and length of service. It will be accompanied by an exhibition that will define in concrete terms the extent of the services to be provided by the advisor. EJCDC® E-570, an agreement between the engineer and the sub-expert for professional services, is intended to be used by an engineering office (“Engineer”) to delegate part of its project design or other professional services to another engineering office (“Subconsultant”). E-570 is best suited for projects where the main agreement between engineer and owner is based on the EJCDC® E-500, the agreement between the owner and the engineer for professional services or any of the other EJCDC contract forms for owners and engineers. As with previous editions of the E-570, the content and structure of the document are closely coordinated with E-500. Both documents use consistent terminology and wording where possible. Despite this strong connection, E-570 can be used as an engineer subconsultant contract if the main agreement is not E-500 or any other AEPC document.

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