4.13. Commercial compensation claims. If, after the date of the commercial imputation, a grantor notes the existence of a commercial compensation claim for this grantor for more than $10,000,000, which, as part of such a grantor153s transaction, was created in addition to the commercial claims described in Appendix “E”, all of which are 153s commercial wrong claims on the date of entry into force. , this Grantor has the administrative agent, but at least no less often than every quarter. Each Grantor undertakes without delay, at the request of the administrative officer, to carry out any additional information to the security agreement or any other document reasonably requested by the administrative officer and to notify the administrative officer in order to prove the granting of a security interest in favour of the administrative officer. 8.12. Taxes and expenses. All taxes (other than excluded taxes) that must be paid by a federal or national authority with respect to this security agreement are paid by the funders, as well as interest and, if applicable, penalties. The fellows reimburse the administrator for all reasonable expenses. analysis, management, recovery, retention or sale of security (including costs and costs associated with periodic or specific security review). All costs and expenses incurred by donors in carrying out the acts required under the conditions provided by these provisions are borne by donors alone. 7.1.

Lock-box. At the request of the administrative officer after the occurrence and during the continuation of a late or accelerating payment event, each grantor executes irrevocable locking agreements, in the form provided by the administrative officer or by some other acceptable means, accompanied by confirmation by the bank in which the Imobus safe is blocked and irrevocable instructions of wiring. be confiscated from a special security account with the administrative officer. By its execution below, the undersigned assures and guarantees for himself that all the insurance and guarantees contained in the agreement are true and correct on the date of this agreement, with the exception of insurance and guarantees relating to a specific date when these assurances and guarantees are true and correct at the time of that specific date.