Therapeutics was founded in October 1996 by Kim Waters as a single-handed physiotherapy and sports injury clinic. Since its’ inception the business has steadily grown from strength to strength to its’ current multi-disciplinary health and fitness centre.

Therapeutics now has a team of 27 staff working from a clinic based at The Trojans Sports Club, this includes 5 treatment rooms, a running analysis room, a fitness gym, a rehabilitation gym, an exercise/Pilates & Yoga studio and a rehabilitation area as well as extensive outdoor sports grounds.

Therapeutics offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation encompassing sports injury and neurology and womens’ health, sports massage, pilates, personal training and exercise programmes, running analysis and technique training, podiatry, ergonomic assessments and acupuncture.

Therapeutics has a well-founded working relationship with many of the leading medical specialists in the area which enables the staff to refer their clients on for investigations and expert opinions as required. We are recognized by all the medical insurance companies and registered as Therapeutics with these companies.